Step 1


RFID tags are attached for individual instrument traceability.  We attach autoclave-compatible tags to the instruments you already own.
Tag your instruments

How do you tag our instruments?
We manage the shipping process for your tools to our facility. Once received, we tag the instruments and return them to your sterile processing department. Following your established sterilization procedures, they are ready for immediate use.

Designed not to harbor bioburden

Is the Mentelist solution regulated?
Our solution does not alter the instruments nor does it impact patient care, thereby exempting it from FDA regulation. We utilize a specialized dipping process for tagging instruments to ensure they do not harbor bioburden, addressing concerns raised by the Joint Commission regarding instrument tapes.

Standard sterilization procedure

How do we sterilize the tagged instruments?
Our RFID tags are designed to withstand autoclaving and can seamlessly integrate with your current sterile processing protocols.

Step 2


Instrument usage is tracked automatically based on proximity to the surgical site.  We educate your staff on sensor placement.
Antenna Placement

Where is the antenna placed during surgery?
The antenna should be positioned within twelve inches of the surgical site but outside the sterile field.

Automatic Capture

Do I need to scan each instrument before use?
Instruments are automatically detected by the sensor during surgery, allowing the OR team to proceed without interruption. The Mentelist solution captures instrument usage data in real-time behind the scenes.

OR Setup

How is the OR prepped before surgery?
Mentelist is designed to minimize disruption to the OR setup and Mente provides procedure specific education, ensuring seamless integration into existing workflows.

Step 3


Armed with your surgeons’ instrument usage data, we propose and facilitate tray optimization.
PHI not required

Does the Mentelist solution leverage any patient data (PHI)?
No patient health information (PHI) is required for utilizing Mentelist for tray optimization.

Periodic data sharing

How is the instrument usage data shared?
Mente provides instrument usage data to hospital stakeholders at a frequency determined through mutual agreement, facilitating informed decision-making during tray optimization.

Consulting services available

Once we have the data, what's next?
Upon gathering sufficient data, Mente generates a tray recommendation for feedback from the care team. Once finalized, Mente collaborates with the sterile processing team to implement the optimized tray efficiently.

Mentelist Provides Data to Optimize Trays

Deliver sterile processing efficiency while ensuring surgeon satisfaction

Tray Organization Continuum
  • Customization

  • Optimization

  • Standardization

Optimization arrow design element
Tray Organization Continuum
  • Customization

  • Optimization

  • Standardization

Optimization arrow design element

Reducing Operating Room Waste

Thoracic Surgery

Mediastinoscopy, video-assistedthoracoscopic surgery, robotic thoracicsurgery, thoracotomy

Spinal Surgery

Minimally invasive spine surgery

Paediatric Surgery

Urology, neurosurgery, spine surgery,orthopaedics

Mentelist is the only solution that automatically tracks individual instrument usage for initial and ongoing optimization