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e f f i c a c y   w i t h   e f f i c i e n c y

The hospital 

Keeping unused instruments in storage means less supplies cycled through sterile processing.
Hospitals cut cost as they reduce spending on utilities and prolong the lifetime of their instrumentation. 


How we do it


in a name?

With our roots in neurosurgery, it makes sense that the Latin root of our name is 'mind'

Our name is buried in the very object we strive to manage

Just as turning an 'e' upside down changes its sound entirely, we have identified a multitude of ways to apply our data with benefits stretching across the healthcare ecosystem


Who we are

Our technology comes from Duke University; this ensures that our solutions are grounded by legitimate medical needs and shaped by clinical and administrative professionals



Former cofounder of MedxTools Inc.

Duke University Brain Tool Lab alum

Former engineer at MIT Lincoln Laboratory




Neurosurgeon and clinical trailblazer at Duke Health

PI of the Duke University Brain Tool Lab

Former CMO at MedxTools Inc.


 CTO / Lead Engineer

Graduate student at Brain Tool Lab

Prototype system developer

Pilot study lead

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