Tray optimization study

Duke Health shows near-perfect agreement between automated and manual tracking with Mente technology


Automated Tracking VS Manual Counting


Automated RFID tracking and manual counting was performed concurrently

Over 15 Breast Surgeries, 10 Carpometacarpal (CMC) Arthroplasties, and 4 Craniotomies.


Substantial agreement between automated tracking and manual counting.

Over 50% of instruments were removed in breast and orthopedic surgery

Eliminated instruments were not needed in additional cases. Setup time in breast surgery decreased from 23 minutes to 17 minutes..


An automated RFID system for recording surgical instrument use for three types of surgery to identify unused instruments.

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Measuring intraoperative surgical instrument use with radio-frequency identification

Hill I, Olivere L, Helmkamp J, Le E, Hill W, Wahlstedt J, Khoury P, Gloria J, Richard MJ, Rosenberger LH, Codd PJ.Measuring intraoperative surgical instrument use with radio-frequency identification. JAMIA Open. 2022 Jan 19;5(1):ooac003. doi: 10.1093/jamiaopen/ooac003. PMID: 35156004; PMCID: PMC8827029.

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