Our Vision

To use predictive analytics to create the best surgical experience at the lowest cost for the hospital, the surgical team, and the patient.

We power our products by tracking surgical instruments in the operating room, creating dependable, real-time data streams that transform OR resource management.

We are consistently investigating opportunities to enhance value, both within the operating room (OR) and across hospital-wide operations.

In the OR, we are developing applications to predict surgery end times, anticipate the next required tool, and efficiently manage tool accounting post-surgery.

Simultaneously, we are extending our impact throughout the entire hospital by creating applications such as validation of tray assembly in sterile processing.

Developed and tested at Duke Health

Instrument supply was reduced by half in piloted surgeries. In subsequent operations, none of the eliminated instruments were requested by the surgeon. All of the surgeons and nurses who interacted with the tracking system found the hardware unobtrusive to surgical workflow.

- Wendy

Surgeon Founded, Surgeon Approved

Patrick Codd, MD

Practicing Neurosurgeon at Duke Health


Our Values